Feb 28 2012

We Fall

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Harsh words were spoken, the truth is revealed
Friendship undone, as ill fates are sealed
Leave without self-worth, hate what you’ve done
The one that you long for is holding the gun

Blood sprays the wall, brutally ended
Leaving both parties severely offended
There are no remains, ‘cept tears in my eyes
The thing we called friendship was ruined by lies

Insults, betrayels, confusion rules all
The higher we climb, the harder we fall
Just waiting and watching, with hope in my heart
I never stand down and don’t plan to start

Amends can’t be made now, I’ve broken our trust
The love that we once shared has crumbled to dust
My anger was bitter the night that you left
Now I taste regret for causing this death

Yes, Friendship is dead now, it might not revive
My soul has been shattered, yet I seem alive
I spoke much too quickly, I let rage consume
I let all the anger, lead me to my doom

And now I am lonely, with death ever near
I’ve lost all my sanity and all I held dear
With one single whisper, I just start to cry
The last word is uttered, and it is “Goodbye.”

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2 Responses to “We Fall”

  1. Meghan222on 28 Feb 2012 at 9:39 pm

    “My soul is shattered,yet I seem alive”
    I think that describes so much people

  2. pixieon 29 Feb 2012 at 6:41 pm

    It does, doesn’t it? And nobody ever notices that you’re actually just going through the motions of everyday…
    Thank you for reading, Meghan.

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