Aug 28 2011

We together are dragons

Published by at 12:40 am under Goodbye Poems

I have brought forth
This unimaginable story
From deep within my battered soul.
A story that has been seen by few,
But has touched many more than you,
Back in the days
When you spent more time
Between legs
Than between sheets,
When you should have been asleep.
But it was I who tammed
The very beast within you
And it is now I who sees the mistake.
Our light dims with the sunset,
That sets fire to the hills sillouhette.
Was it I who starved our souls
When yours longed to be free?
Or was it you,
You and your ocean eyes,
Your hope crushing silence
Heavier than waves.
Perhaps its us
That did it together.
Refrainin our wings from unfurling
With rage.
Because I starved your pulsating manhood,
While you refused
To feed my hungry ears
With words so many would long to share.
But perhaps it neither you nor I.
Maybe this love between us has expired.

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