Jun 06 2011

What do I see?

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I look in the mirror and what do I see?
A freak,
An outcast,
A monster.
I look into myself and what do I see?
A disaster,
A hurricane,
A weakling.
I read what I wrote and what do I see?
The words of a terrible,
Bitter b !tch.
I only held the pen that day,
Yet because I promised,
I took the whole blame.
Now they stand in the corner,
Waiting for me to mess up,
Waiting for me to fall.
I crave the love I know I’ll never win,
The soul mate I know is not there,
The life I know is not meant for me.
This pain in my heart is forever,
Yet I am a time bomb,
Slowly ticking away.
Where I’ll blow,
Where I’ll stop,
Where I’ll die,
Nobody knows.

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