Aug 07 2013

What happened to forever

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What happened to forever?
What happened to happily ever after?
How did we become a world of divorce and child support?
Here’s a better question, why did no one stop the destruction when they saw it occurring
I’ve heard people get into relationships because they’re bored
But why would they do that when they could just as easily save money and save time by just reading a book
In our world if you don’t have a boyfriend there’s something wrong with you
And if you don’t have a girlfriend there’s something’s wrong with you
Why can’t it ever be that you’re just bettering yourself for you?
Not for your family
Your significant other
Or for anyone else just you
Single people are anomalies
There are so many stereotypes associated with them
She’s a prude
He doesn’t like girls yet
Or maybe they both realized love may be pointless if it only ends in heartbreak
They’ve never experienced the beautiful moments
They’ve just suffered through the end when everyone’s bitter and true love seems so foreign
It is something never to be discussed when hearts are broken
But love can make broken people whole
It can heal the sick
And give youth to the elderly
They look at our generation and laugh
Some look and cry
Because we are so lost in ourselves and in our own lives
That we never take the time to just embrace the sunshine
To enjoy the everyday things
To scream and run in the rain
To just sit around not accomplishing anything
But still at the same time feeling fulfilled and satisfied
That is the essence of love
To be able to enjoy your life together through the struggles and strife of an ever-changing world that only grows less comprehendible with every changing moment.

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