Apr 11 2013

What I Had to Lose

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Tell me all your secrets. Please tell me who you are.
Your mem’ry is a brand on me – a faint but faithful scar.
Show me what your heart desires. Show me what you need.
Please prove you are a man of worth and not a man of greed.

Return the hope you stole from me unless it has been used.
My skin is cut, my tears have bled, my heart is badly bruised,
and what I’ve given you in turn is what I had to lose.

Undo the pain you’ve done to me. Replace the love you took.
And as your mem’ry vanished once the earth trembled and shook.
Describe a fate for you and I. Destroy a fate of death.
Repeat my name as I did yours. Spend all your precious breath.

Please try and be a solid being. Please try and help me stand.
Reach out once more and be a friend.
Or I might drown on land.

Return the favours I had done for I am still so weak
and find myself in need of help. And friendship’s help I seek.
Show me what your heart desires. Show me what you need.
A man who’d let me die alone is not a man indeed.

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