Oct 27 2010

What you said..

Published by at 5:57 am under Break Up Poems

I lay in bed
Waiting for sleep to take place
Thinking about whats happened
And how i want everything to change

You say you care more than i know
If so why did you hurt me?
I know it’s out of your control
But how couldn’t you see..

I love you
I never wanted to let go
But you had to say goodbye
And now i don’t just know

No on understands
No one seems to care
Its like im drowning
In my own despair

The tears dont stop rolling
The redness wont disappear
Hyperventelating occurs
There’s nothing left for me my dear

It only took one word
To destroy my world
That’s all you had to say..

I come back to reality
Remembering i need sleep
I start to drift in and out
Waiting for the darkness to consume me

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