Jul 21 2012

When the Chimes of Love Ring

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When love knocks at your door
What do you say?
“I am away do not disturb”?

Fear once came to my door,
I welcomed him with not so much as a thought.
I did not fear letting this robber in my dwelling,
A fiend who destroys progress, and instill despondency,
The element of wretchedness did I not fear.

Hatred also came once.
I embraced him hoping he would be a good companion.
But I was wrong!
I expected his stay to no more than a week,
But he came to remain.
He caused my dwelling to become a den for the careless,
The depraved, and the forgetful.

I casted him away.
I treated him an equal to the thief, the fiend, the wretch, the forgetful, the careless,
Even though I knew he would be the best guest.
But the fear of being robbed,
The fear of being drastically changed,
Took hold of me and was merciless.

When love knocks at your door
What do you say?

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