Mar 25 2011

When Will I Learn?

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just walk away fool, don’t even look back
mail me the pieces of my heart you took with you
i always knew you were a “walk away jack”
i left myself vulnerable to your every attack

i don’t believe in meeting half way
i give everything i have
i believed every lying, cheating word you had to say
now here on this cold stone floor in tears i lay

i shouldn’t have expected anything better from you
but i gave you the benifit of the doubt
i tried everything i could to see it through
and you turned and walked away as if almost on queue

again i am shattered, when will i learn
men can’t be trusted
but for that one special touch i yearn
it becomes more evident that it is not my turn

so maybe now, now i will understand
that there is only one way to feel truly whole withiin myself
and recognize this one way does not require a man
on this beach of contentment i ll stay, forever alone, bare feet in the sand

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One Response to “When Will I Learn?”

  1. aydinhakseveron 26 Mar 2011 at 9:12 am

    super poem..thx

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