Mar 13 2011

Where are you?

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Why don’t you talk to me anymore?
This neglect is making my heart sore
It seems like I’m nothing more than a chore
The way you pause without cause,
And continue to ignore
Don’t you love me anymore?

When you shun my conversation
It adds to my frustration
And I ask myself,
Is this void my creation?

Our relationship is a great big murk
Answers is what I want,
Please don’t make me lurk
Why do you sit there
And make me look like a jerk?
You’re the one who isn’t putting in the work

Reassurance is what I pine
Just give me a sign!
Did I step out of line?
Don’t tell me that we’re just fine!
I want you to say ‘’you’re still mine”
That’s all I want,
Do I have to increase the font?
This is serious, so don’t act so nonchalant!

I know you’re busy and working hard
But you barely cared about my valentine’s card…
So why now do you have this guard?
You’ve seemed to have changed
And it’s leaving me deranged
It appears my whole world is being rearranged

You used to be the one I could talk to…
Is it because now you feel like were through?
Is there someone new?
I pray that this not be true!
We used to stick together like glue
And now we’ve been apart,
And I do need you!

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