Aug 04 2011

Where is that Soul?

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Mirror, Mirror,
Oh please dear Mirror,
With the shape of the owner of silver moonlight,
Delight my eyes with the reflection of my beloved one
Oh please,
This soul carries around with it my all
Throughout dense magical forests, where days explode with life
And over valleys roaming with sounds echoing that Seraphim had to depart
It’s been said to walk about
With no intentions of stopping by
It needs neither rest nor shade at noon
It feeds on love as I feed on food

That soul has taken me as it’s captive
Tying my affection in a passionly made knot
And handcuffing my mind with words taken from the very drum
Rum pum pun pum pun!
It’s touch comes from the softest feather
Or maybe from the silkiest cloud
Either way, there is nowhere to run to now

Where could this soul be hiding?
Tell me, dear Mirror
Oh I beg you,
Could it be taking a hike on the snowy mountains?
Or exploring the magma caves?
Sightseeing the sunken ship?
Or diving from the Hawk’s dominating peak?
Maybe it left to the heavens,
When it heard the angel’s seven horns?
That’s it…
That’s where it must have gone
But no matter where it travels, or where it may get lost
I will always be by it’s kind side
In all my soaring highs and my profoundity lows
Because I have forever become
Part of that very one soul.

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