Mar 09 2012

Where I’ve Been

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The scars remain like photographs
A story carved on skin
Each wound I trace with fingertips
A map of where I’ve been

Each drop of blood I still recall
As sharp glass cuts my heart
The cuts and bruises on my face
Tell where my road map starts

Then tracing down, I rub my neck
The marks of bruising hands
The days I thought my death was near
All mapped out in my plans

Then after that, yet lower still
I feel the pulse that beats
The latticework of cuts and tears
Resembling patterned streets

I make a turn, and on my arm
There’s yet another scar
It seems I’ve barely travelled yet
Though I’ve gone miles far

Another twist, another turn
I’m nearly getting lost
Another scar, my lower back
Two cuts that have been crossed

And with I sigh, I realize
There’s one more scar to bear
It’s higher up, and lower down
I feel it’s everywhere

But visually, all you can see
Is one line on my skin
A scar that shows a lost daughter
My most regretted sin

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