Dec 27 2012

where secrets are sold. and roses unfold,

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This place.
i cannot describe.
It had a beauty
No shadows can hide.

and everyone went there.
to tell their Sins’.
The swans unfolded.
To show beautiful things.

I sat on a Rock.
and looked out to Sea.
Water so Clear.
Finally found peace.
I don’t want to leave.

i look at the blocks
of feathers’ and limbs’
they suddenly unfold.
they relieve us
of the wrongs we did.

One by one,
they all fold back.
the stars come out
in the sky.
it’s all coming back.

i remember a prescence
right by my side.
i was at peace.
i did not feel exposed.
i did not need to hide.

i stayed there for a while.
and did not leave.
It was only when i felt tears’on my face.
and woke to realise.

It was only a Dream.

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