Oct 12 2012


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Run! The voice commands from the depths of my mind… Racing through the dark forest I was once called home; it seems to be nothing but a dream.
Ash falls hard like snow, and a voice keeps calling my name from the distance. My heart leaps with fear; I know I can’t stop to look back. Or he will have me as his bride.
The king of darkness is lurking and searching, I sense it. But all I can do is run. I must get away. I must escape from this madness. The creatures of the dark stir, and follow. I know, I will have no way on surviving this. His dark seductive voice calls to me.
Can I resist? No, of course not. he is to powerful.
Reaching the end of the path, I find myself standing before him.. I can do nothing but stare into those red eyes that glow, with lust. Lust to have me, and conquer me; making me his only toy.

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