Sep 02 2011

Whispered love.

Published by at 12:33 pm under Dark Love Poems

They whisper in my ears
Show me all that i should fear
How foolish i was
to have ever thought to interfere.

They say they’ll make this hell,
I wish i had done what i was meant to now.

They tell me i’m worthless
he yells FREAK.
does no one know,
i used to feed from these words?

I stand here now
burning in this heat.
I am bonded here uuntil i burn
a dog and a ghool,
watching for my keep.

Should i respond to their words?
Or will i only desert?
If i answer i acknolage
Will they kill me if i dare do this?

I see them crawling on my walls,
fingerprints across my mind.

They scream they hate me,
Do they know i depend on them, even secretly?

I love you, you’re my only hopes,
I need you, stay with me and show me the ropes.
Just don’t make me live in this hell.
Or i’ll be forced to end this.
In the end
nothing but a shell..

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