Feb 21 2011

Who Owns You?

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Glittering drops of crimson rain falling silently in the hours of darkness

Upon a girl who fate forgot or abandoned

In the dark she gropes through pools of blood to find a lost innocence once held before

Before he ravaged her, destroyed her, left her for dead at the mercy of the sewer rats that roam the dank streets conscious of only animal hunger and lust

Used and abused, bleeding and bruised

Devoid from feeling or pain

She lifts that dazzling blade from her side, slides between flesh and bone to stop it from taking her again

But fate, sweet fate thought to be lost or unconcerned, stays her hand but for this time in a saving grace to a tainted soul

Lifts her from the filth and muck, carries her to his home

Softly laid upon a palette of gold among the rainbow tides of this modern day purgatory

Cleansing is inevitable, she knows it to be true, but hell has an eternal heat that pulls upon her soul

Little does fate know that while he was idle another master claimed this shell, branded a heathen she was now

Darkness she did serve, indifferent to others, death was no longer a fear, but a release from something so fetid it left a metallic taste in her mouth

To feel the warm embrace of the saving grace combating the clawing frenzy of a sinister foe for a spirit already tattered and damaged, the anguish as they fought to win a prize, an unworthy name

As she stands upon the alter, she raises her head high, grabs a blade of an iridescent shade plunging deep into her core, to rest forever more, with the freedom we all deserve and the peace of a thousand babes

Release is bittersweet

As she lays in silence forever upon the cold stone floor; fate weeps for the loss of one so sweet entangled in this world’s fierce score

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2 Responses to “Who Owns You?”

  1. Kristineon 04 Mar 2011 at 11:36 am

    Beautiful, melancholy and well written!
    I love it!
    See THAT’S poetry!

  2. beautifully brokenon 15 Jul 2011 at 7:27 am

    i agree with kristine.

    you truely do know how to write poetry..its just beautiful<3

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