Sep 30 2010

Memory of you

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As the days slowly pass… the memory of you still refuses to fade..
Every one of my nights trying to find a way to end the pain…
You had my love..
You had my life…
I gave my all and expected nothing in return…
Yet you hurt me, pushed me away, made me burn…
A sadness beyond compare.. it rips me in two that all I have left is despair..
I try to be strong and keep hope alive..
But with vicious words it seems it was me you did despise..
Why did you hurt someone who only wanted to love you?
and keep twisting that knife…
I did not deserve it.. nor now this painful thing I call my life..
Why is it every time.. you feel the need to break pieces off of my heart..
Every time you go.. a bigger piece falls..
Lucky for both you and for me.. I have the biggest heart anyone has ever seen..
I never understand why every time you feel you have to run..
Can’t you see without you my life comes undone?
I knew when I said yes so long ago it would not be easy.. but why did you make my love sound so ugly and sleezy..
I did everything I possibly could to try and make things better for you.. sometimes way more than what I had…
You were always worth it.. thats not what makes me so sad..
I have always known and told you that in order to truly be happy with someone you must first find that inner happiness for you and no one else.. Maybe one day you will realize what you had and keep pushing away…
Why is our love like a game of tug -o- war.. when we both know we have found what we have been searching for..
Why are you so blind??? Is it truly me you cannot see?
I gave you my heart for eternity…
No acts of anger.. harsh words of friend/true love turned stranger, lies told that cannot be forgiven..
Wounds and scars have been inflicted…
Only time and unconditonal love as always can heal it..
Was she really that good that she stole your heart away…?
All this pain that has been caused.. I did not deserve it and in my head
all i can think.. is .. I hope she was worth it…
I only want you to be happy.. not live in fear of love…
Maybe one day you will decide to come back and explain it..
Until then here I wait… trying not to break… Shatter like fragile
glass into little bitty pieces…

Forever love…. JNB…. and I mean it…

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  1. Nickyon 30 Sep 2010 at 4:25 pm

    This poem says it all 4 me. Took the words out of my mouth.

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