Jan 15 2011

Why do i deserve this

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why are you treating me this way I though I was everything to you,

you said you wanted to be with me forever but you lied about that didn’t you,

you said you wanted to be wed and bare my children,

but was that all a lie too, were you just playing with my emotions and heart,

I feel like you took a big peace of my heart and tore it to shreds,

how could you do this to me I thought I was your world your everything,

I thought you were different from the others,

I thought I could let you into my heart so i can be filled with warmth,

I cried many days and many nights hoping my cries would get rid of the pain and sorrow,

But once i stopped my tears those hurtful feelings was still there,

why did you start treating me like i was nothing to you,

do you think you would have the same kind of love from her as you had from me,

she would never replace me not in another lifetime,

i would always be yours even if you don’t want me to be,

no guy will ever take your place but if they do,

you would know im done with you.

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