Sep 05 2011

Why You Do This

Published by at 12:09 am under Betrayal Poems

I Hate That You Lied
I Hate That You Cheated
I Hate That You Came Back
I Hate That I Gave You My Heart
I Hate That I Gave You Chances

I Hate The Fact You Loved Me
I Hate That You Begged For Forgiveness
I Hate That You Tried To Be Honest
I Hate That You Broke My Heart
I Hate That I Ever Meet You

I Hate The Love You Gave
I Hate The Day We Meet
I Hate That You Made Me Cry
I Hate That Your Gone Now
I Hate Myself For Letting You Go

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One Response to “Why You Do This”

  1. anonymousson 05 Sep 2011 at 10:59 pm

    How come all your poems are so repetitive? I recomend you try a new formart. Play with words and experiment a little. Surprise yourself, so you can surprise the reader.

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