Aug 28 2011

With Just a Stare

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It’s funny how a person just walks into your life
They appear out of thin air
But suddenly,
They’ve left their footprint inside of you.

I don’t know when it happened
Or how it did,
But the best things in life
Just flow naturally.

I get high from you.

Not a particular thing to be specific about.

It’s just all of you.

The way your lips shift and curve
When you smile
Takes me away
I float around a bit
And walk on air.

We might have just met
And perhaps it’s not the right time yet
But what else can I do?
If I’m already falling,
Falling real hard for you.

I don’t want to take any chances
I never want to ruin this
This is why I’m afraid
I’m afraid of loosing everything,
Everything you have done to my heart,
With just the way that you look at me.

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One Response to “With Just a Stare”

  1. Thorn Nighton 11 Sep 2012 at 6:07 pm

    This poem is so lovely. it describes the character in my book perfectly. the sam exact feelings he feels when he sees the girl that has stoloen his heart. i would like to have a discussion with you. on using your poem in the book im currently working on.

    thorn night

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