Aug 30 2012

With Me x

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On the phone
for hours on end
it feels like minutes
you make me happy
when others can’t.

You recognize the mask
i paint on,
you see the pain
and look to my core
Stripped bare before you
through my doors.

Baby, i promise
that i truley believe
That you’ll make it far,
doesn’t matter what the others say.
Not to me.

You say you’re stupid
that you’re unable to make yourslef
who they want to be.
But i believe in you
and remeber,
that you’re always free of judgment
with me.

I nelieve in you
all that you seem
but just remeber,
you don’t have to be someone else
not the person you’re trying
to be.

I’ll always be here
no matter what.
Everytime they make you feel
like you have to be someone else
someone you’re not.

You can always be yourslef
around me.

Just never forget
that i’m by your side
I’ll always try to make you happy
when others can’t
cause with me
you don;t have to hide.

Walk away from the shadow
of their expectations
spread your beautiful wings
and see your fulll potential.

Cause i promise baby,
you can always count
on me.

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