Oct 24 2010

With You

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She is a diamond amongst the sands of womanhood
cut to perfection by the Gods.
Her companionship projecting an ordinary man
to the envy of mankind.

By chance to meet, gorgeous eyes burrow into my heart
holding me spellbound.
A candle flickers though red wine, reflecting her mood
charting a journey to my soul.

Rising to hold, encompassed by music’s tender shroud
glowing fires cast bewitching shadows,
a lovers waltz blissfully shimmering on bare walls.
Exhausted we fall together.

As firelight licks our bodies, we tenderly embrace
creating tempests of passion.
Rising up to glorious heights of human spirit
I inject my soul into soft frame.

Laying her sweet head gently on silken pillows
so stunning in slumber.
Kissing her lips, whispering love, affection
yearning to protect her.

Unworthy of her eternal beauty, I depart
desperate to return.
Dream my lover in solitary chamber
I am with you always.

George W Knox

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