Jan 28 2011

With You

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There is no life without you
So why am I still living?
With kind words of regret
You raised the executioner’s axe
And my heart broke in two.
I made myself believe this day would never come.
That you were the one.
But you’re ripped me to pieces.
And now I am lying on the ground
Wishing for death.

There is no pain with you.
The memories of dark days fade into the distance
And are carried away by the wind.
Your smile brightens my world.
I thought my life was over,
But it has only just begun.
You are my angel.
You saved me from myself.
And I want to lie in your arms forever.
Keep me whole.

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  1. OneandOnlyon 08 May 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Cute <3

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