Jul 12 2011

Without You

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Please, don’t let me go.
Can’t you see it in my eyes?
I’m happy in your arms,
Content to remain forever by your side.
The last goodnight kiss;
The whispered “I love you”;
Then I drive off into darkness,
Feeling cold without you.
I’ll never show it or let on that I’m not fine,
But once I turn the corner the tears spring to my eyes.
I know I’m leaving you to reside in what I no longer call my home.
The thought leaves me depressed.
I feel utterly alone.
That’s when despair sets in,
Self-loathing close behind.
You’re not here to calm my fears or set everything alright.
So I lie in bed all day;
Mother says I’m useless.
That only makes it worse.
I hate myself so much it hurts!
I can’t tell anyone how I truly feel,
Lest they think I’m mental or overdramatic.
I can’t go on.
This has to end!
I want to slip into darkness,
Spend eternity there.
Then I think of you,
The only one I truly love.
I can’t leave you all alone.
So I dry my eyes and paint on a wooden smile.
Mother never once suspects,
She’ll never know.
And neither will you my sweet love.
I know you well enough,
My mental state would worry you sick.
When I’m back in your arms my suicidal thoughts subside.
All is right again.

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