Jul 07 2012

Won’t last Forever.

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you think you can’t trust me
and you ask me the same
do i not trust you?
i say i do
but i like to keep some things
a secret
don’t want people to know
how badly i hurt myself.

now you act weird
and i don’t know why
i thought you said everything
was gonna be alright?

you said you’re sorry
for the way you acted
i wanted to cry
cause i still can’t have you.

Although we hug
and kiss and divide words
my heart
lies somewhere else.
and you deserve someone better
someone who’s able
to give their love
straight up.

and i don’t know
if i should try
calling for help.

wanted to give you a note
cause i express myself
better in writing than in words spoken
it explained
how i’m feeling
and the things i’ve been hiding.

i said i’m sorry
and i promised you could trust me.
Well darlin’
i’m not about to make you think
i was lying.

i care for you
more than i can handle
so i push myself away
so this curse won’t come
hurteling downwards.

i won’t brake my promises
and the words and glances
we exchange are true.

but i know this love won’t last forever
so just stand back
to where we were
and let the moment be.
cause right now
all i need
is to be with you.

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