Dec 14 2014


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When I most need them, they escape me

Like the love in the heart of the man I once loved
Like the feel of the touch I’ve spent years dreaming of
Like the kiss on an ache that will never quite heal
Like the sweet summer bliss only young lovers feel.

Like the hope in the mind of a man on the edge
Like the gentle relief of a gentle caress
Like the mending of hearts that are too torn to grieve
Like the lips of a lover on sweet summer’s eve

When I don’t want them, they plague me

Like the lies of the man I can no longer trust
Like the harshest regret that all longing was lust
Like the kiss of the dead in the shadows of pain
Like the saddest goodbye lovers won’t say again.

Like the call of a man who feels nothing but fear
Like the mem’ries of love that dissolve into tears.
Like the stolen, sweet kisses we shared in our youth.
Like the lies one young lover somehow took as truth.

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