Jul 20 2012

You and Your Cruel Heart

Published by at 4:09 pm under Heartbreak Poems

You break my heart bit by bit,
Slowly crushing me,
And all my self-esteem,
You crush my soul bit by bit,
With all your wicked words,
Of malice and disregard,
You torment my being bit by bit,
Without a second thought,
Or a care in the world

I am nothing to you
But you are everything to me
Can’t you see what you and your cruel heart are doing ,
Braking me, crushing me, tormenting me,
Pummelling me down,
Until I am one with the dirt,
You are awful,
But I still love you,
You are mean,
But I still think of you
You don’t spare a word for me,
But I wish to talk to you often,
You don’t spare a single glance for me,
But I look at you all the time,
I still can not help loving you and your cruel heart.

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