Aug 30 2012

You are Leaving?

Published by at 2:47 pm under Break Up Poems

U said good bye
I said ur leaving…why?
But u dont reply
I ask was our love a lie
U said u couldnt deny
…ur the reason i cry
…..the reason i always try
Now ur the reason i want to die
Well ur the reason i sigh
…y i love being high

I agree to go away
but u beg me to stay
I hate u ok?!
But tomorrow will be a better day
How? When u will be away
But u will always be my bay and together we’ll decay
Thats what they all say

……im in love with you
U will always be my boo
I love everything you do

….y did u wanna leave?(girl confused)
‘Cuz im a heart thieve
-Theresa Will

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