Mar 23 2011

You Burn Like a Goddess

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Fire in the sunlight, fire in the moon.
Blazing heart, and soul, and mind,
Blazing like a spirit tortured.
Innocence marred by cruelty
Burns brightest of all.
Anger slowed by love
Burns saddest to the eyes.
Friends lifted up as nothing more,
But as everything more,
Burns like a beacon in a dark place.
And the greatest fire of all,
The greatest fire of all,
Burns like a goddess.
You burn like a goddess.
Goddess, you burn something extraordinary.
I’m just human; I can’t even fathom your beauty.
You burn beautifully;
That’s the simplest I can put it and still understand.
You burn beautifully.

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One Response to “You Burn Like a Goddess”

  1. Kat95on 23 Mar 2011 at 11:37 am

    Aww, your girlfriend must be a really special person to you,
    this is soo sweet 🙂

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