Feb 01 2011

You Can’t be Saved

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Overwhelmed by the places life brings you
Overpowered by the things you are put through
Numb from the many years of pain
Pale as the blood that leaves a stain
Breathless as you run away
Exhausted as you await the next day
Emptiness that fills your life will not depart
The pain still lives in your heart
Broken by all the tragic memories
Lost in your miseries
Left in an unimaginable position
Tears blurring your vision
Forgotten and left behind
Struggling to control your mind
Reaching for unattainable dreams
Awakened by a deafening scream
Praying for the unbearable agony to end
Begging for your shattered heart to mend
Dying slowly inside again
Nothing but a slaughtered pride remains
Caught between life and death
Awaiting that final breath
Tales of your life engraved on your skin
Emotions hidden deep within
Once you were so sure
Uncertainty and pain continue to endure
Something inside of you is crying out
Living life in constant doubt
Mistakes that you’ll take to your grave
You are too far along to save

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  1. iwait4you4everon 01 Feb 2011 at 1:03 pm

    love it!!!!

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