Sep 20 2011

You Destroy Me

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One day I will have the courage to… say hello.

You hold yourself accross the untouchable
The distance of a world separates our souls.

Yet, by some means of the unspeakable,
You’ve reached my grounds.

Showing no mercy or pity whatsoever,
You unleash the powers of your essense unto me.

The wrath of your eyes
Destroys my heart to bits,
The jealousy of your lips,
Infatuates my craving body in seconds.

I twitch and itch,
Not being able to control my instincts.

I’ve already lost.

The mouse following the cunning cat,
The barracuda,
Going innocently for the fisherman’s bait.

I circle and dance around in your game.
You make your appearance for the crowds.
It’s a game show
Where you’re the host
I’m the participant
And the audience already knows the results.
Yet we still play the puppet show
I’ve forgotten my will, and fall into the hands of the fisherman.

Another catch for you,
Another prize for your cabbin.

Yet I cannot ever deny,
Nor can I ever say,
That I didn’t enjoy every minute of the chase…

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