Oct 06 2011

You failed to hear

Published by at 3:27 am under Betrayal Poems

why did you leave me?
why did you believe me?
when i said i was okay
when i said i was fine.

did you enjoy
my pain?
did you think this was
your game?

i would wake to that torture
and now,
i deny it being your fault.

i blame me
because thet’s what i’ve been doing all this time.

did you know,
did you see,
the pain that constantly
hung to me.

did you hear
hear my cries
all i wanted was for you to be there.
to doubt my lies.

would you have noticed
when i fell to the floor
my limbs too weak
to support me anymore?

would you have cried
when i would have died
i picked this slow torture Mother
i planned my own suicide.

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