Sep 30 2010

you have always been the one

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I do not know what always drives us apart..
We were meant to be together.. For the love of God you have my heart..
You are the other half of me the part that makes both of us whole.. We were gifted with this amazing blessing… Why do you keep running away…

Even after everything that was said.. I still love you though right now I walk around half dead.. I could never hate you.. Im sorry I used those words when the opposite will forever remain true..

All I wanted in this life was to be loved by you.. I never have understood why you always push me away.. Is my love so frightening??That it sends you away..

If you had but asked… I would have given up everything to stay with you.. No matter how hard it would be… Leaving and not showing what I was feeling inside was the hardest thing.. I have and hopefully will ever have to do..

I miss you and still love you always more than I think you will ever know.. I am coming to terms with this anger I hold inside.. Do you really think me so naive that I believed you told me everything.. You forgot how hard it was for me to trust.. and every time.. I would start to trust you.. you would do something that made it impossible..

To be honest and fair… I may not have always known exactly what it was but believe me I noticed when things were off and things you said did not make sense.. I chose my battles or we would have had so many more of them..

I love you and in the end you should have just told me the things you kept inside like you used to and released the burdens you put on yourself.. When did I ever judge? And yes while the things you may have told me.. might have caused me pain.. In the end.. Love always wins…

I love you with a pure heart.. No one loves like I do.. You didnt even have to seek forgiveness it was given without you having to ask…

I would appreciate it if and when you decide to come back… This time .. Please can we make it last..

I need you to be my equal… Give some consideration to my wants and needs..
I am everything (without being cocky)
you ever wanted that your heart longed for.. and despite what you might think.. you were every thing I wanted and ohh so much more..

I know you are far from perfect as am I.
Maybe I tried to hard and pushed things to move to fast.. I was just so excited to have found you at last…

Those few days spent with you are the fondest memories I have.. Just simply being with you made me never want to stop smiling.. I miss you so much.. you have no idea the tears I have cried..

I hope you are confronting all of your ghosts and your demons.. Getting them out of your head. I want it to be just us the next time we share a bed.. Come if you will and save me from a life of misery without you as soon as you can… Even your ma wishes I would smile..
but how can I when you are missing?

I will continue to dream and hope one day your promise will come true.. I would welcome you with open arms and cherish every moment…. I would give everything I have which is not much at this time.. to have your lips touch mine would be simply put devine..

So now here I wait praying it will not be forever…
note.. I hope some day you will find this and have the courage to read it.. you will always and forever have my love.. If you would but allow me for the rest of my life I would tell you so..

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2 Responses to “you have always been the one”

  1. Bryce Wallace ?on 11 Oct 2010 at 12:54 am

    This is beautiful and I can say this is the way I feel 100% and I am having the same problems right now the vary same and this is so true to me I cried when I was reading this so I’m going to say good work vary good.

  2. iwillalwaysloveyouon 03 Dec 2010 at 11:24 pm

    i agree with the guy above me^^ and i totally agree with everything you say in this poem. its amazing and im just glad im not the only one to feel like that.

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