Sep 06 2012

You will be missed ..

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You could no longer cope with all your strife.athough there was help and support for you You chose to do what you did do For many years you came to me When your way in life you could not see I supported you when things got tough And your path in life felt very rough No matter what your troubles were I was always your sword and armour I protected you no matter what Tell me friend, had you forgot? Although sometimes we fought a lot You were my friend; I never forgot I was always there when you needed me When life for you was not so easy When you felt such deep despair Did you think no one would care Did you think no one would heed Or turn their backs in your time of need You were wrong my friend, we loved you so Don’t say to me you did not know We were there, you should have said And to your side we would have tread Your problems you should have shared We would have helped because we cared We would have helped if we had known But your fears or worries were never shown To the outside world you wore a mask Which we now know was a farce You cracked your jokes, you gave a grin Belying the sadness that was within Why oh why did you fail to see All you had to do was contact me As always I was there for you And would have come to your rescue Instead mike you chose to die And left all of us here to sit and cry The pain I feel is hard to bear And in my mind I see you there I feel your fear and your despair As you make efforts to prepare ..To leave this life you so did love, your wife your children, And fly to clouds up above Be at peace my lovely friend Your spiritual life has just begun There will be a time when we meet again Meanwhile my friend, I’ll say Amen we will love and miss you so very much ! Joann domres

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