Jul 11 2010

Your Reflection

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 Your Reflection

Standing on the shore looking up at the sky
trying to vision your face. Wondering how you
could have let n her take my place. I smile as
i think of how much grace we had, i stand and face
myself with as much fear as i ever had before. One
strike is all it took for me to have you with only
one last look. Water so clear an blue, yet as more
deeper than my love towards you :/Blood gets darker
in every other slash, say farewell to the strength i
had once had for you. Dealth had taken you bye the hand
and led you to the dark, where I have been all eternity
where these voices dont understand. My love I had for you
is not shattered in this ocean somewhere, I sit and feel
the wind against my chest my heart begins to race..
Maybe one day I will come back for this grace..
death has taken over once more. Deeper as ever with
my writings, come to find out you didnt look at me in
such character, you saw your reflection with so much
shame to put the blame all on yourself!
Words you will
never fill this empty heart, see beyond me and my colors
doll, make me feel alive once more.

By: Cayla Hill

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  1. ddon 12 Aug 2010 at 1:47 am

    find yourself first 🙁

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