Jan 15 2013

you’re still here.

Published by at 4:26 am under Lost Love Poems

strangest thing
happened tonight.
i thought of you
and closed my eyes’.

i could sense your presence.
and feel your smile.
you were telling jokes
all the while.

i said i missed you.
but i understand
that you had to go.
you apologized
that i never really go to know you.

you left us.
just after i turned fourteen.
i held acceptance,
when my mother
told me about her grief.

although i never got to know you,
i still look back
on when you came around.

you always held a smile,
and drank tea,
like it was a resource,
about to run out.

i’m smiling now,
because i know.
that i have a piece of you
within myself.

so i hold on to that piece.
and whisper to the air.
that even though you’re not living.
i know you still care.

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