Sep 08 2012

Bleeding Flame

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I crave the weakness caused by pain.
This weakness draws me back again
The scorching, aching, bleeding flame
is all I hear, besides my name…

The hurt that burns and spreads like fire,
until it’s all that I desire,
With flames that lick each inch of me,
Soon fire is all I can see.

The burning heat of boiling hate
and all the words said much too late,
consume my mind, my soul, my heart
until the flames tear me apart.

The burns – the wounds – the bleeding skin:
all proof of passion deep within.
The lapping flames tell tales of fear,
now raging screams are all I hear.

I cry for fire, cry for blood,
surge from the ash while fire floods.
And as I’m reborn – made anew –
I wish the fire shone like you…

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