May 11 2011


Published by at 6:11 am under Lost Love Poems

My thoughts are in turmoil.
My heart crying out in the empty pit of was cast in.
Thrown aside like I was worth nothing.
Shadows closing in on my mind.

Peace is nothing but a word.
My heart is in pain because of you.
You toyed with it like a cat plays with a feather.
Now I am left with the shreds.

My vision is blurry from all the tears.
My throat is burning from all the cries.
My day is dark without its sun.
My ears hear nothing but my shatered sobs.

The memories now feel like a knife wound on my heart.
When I see you in public it takes all my will to keep myself from crying.
You laugh and joke at my expense.
While slowly inside, I die.

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