May 07 2014

Count to Three

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Tell me that you’re sorry;
Tell me you would change
all the things been done to me.
Say you’d rearrange

something done, so terribly.
Something cruel and wrong.
Something sick, unspoken. Me?
One sin could make me strong.

Hurt me one more time. You see
what all those words could do?
Kill me softly. Set me free –
A whimper begged of you.

Find me hope or let me be.
Disgusting, cruel and snide.
Cut the strings. I’ll count to three.
When four comes I’ll have died.

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  1. Riskion 20 Oct 2015 at 10:27 am

    I love gems like these.That video on your previous post is funny. They’ve got guts too. There’s no way I’d do that! Have a great week, Kristin!

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