Oct 24 2010

Crystal Blue Tears

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A warm light feeling, a joyious smile.
That’s how love felt for me.
But you broke my soul, now I’m not whole,
because I’m no longer with thee.

A deep, dark split, through my heart
and through it grief takes its toll.
Crystal blue tears dwell in my eyes,
for you have cracked my soul.

During the day, a brave face I have on,
so you do not see my pain.
But at night, a emotional blight,
makes my tears feel like acid rain.

Now tonight, a full moon is raised high,
a pure white orb dancing in the dark.
Shine a beam of light into my heart
were saddness has left its mark.

Destroy the sarrow love has left me,
destroy my pain and fears.
Let me wash my old loves memory away,
with my crystal blue tears.

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  1. tatyana touchon 10 Nov 2010 at 5:49 pm

    this awesome and sweet

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