Jun 03 2015

Do You – Marriage Proposal

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Do you?

Do you have a lifetime left to share with me?
Because that’s how long I need for us to be,
I thought I’d done my living,
and it’s what had colored me,
but now I feel elation looking toward things still to see

I’d given up on hoping for some of life’s reward
thought that was the price to pay of a life so hard
resigned myself to being just what was expected
and sometimes even coping with being rejected

I sighed and steeled myself to carry on the way I should
or was it just I didn’t know of any other way I could?
And then just when I’d accepted things the way they were,
and tried to pretend I didn’t really care….

You stepped into my world I thought just for a while
and I was grateful for the smile
not for a long time past had someone looked at me
just everything they always expected me to be

but then you looked past the outer shell I’d made
and somehow saw behind the part I’d so long played
It scared me for a while, until I realized
there wasn’t any need for me to be surprised

Why shouldn’t I be happy? who says it’s not for me?
I’ve changed because of you enabling me to see
my heart my mind my soul suddenly are free
Do you have a lifetime left to share with me?

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  1. Fred22on 27 Oct 2015 at 12:43 am

    THis is so powerful ! I am blown away by this. Such emotion and sincerity ! I love this !! It is my new Favorite ! Thank you for this. I needed to see this today !!

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