Nov 22 2014

Dream Girl

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In a night so deep
suddenly awaken from sleep
I closed my eyes again, that’s what I have to do
and when I did, saw an image of you

Sun shines on my way
It’s just another day
Thinkin’ of you
Do sometimes you think of me too?

In this land they called Saudi,
for many years I will stay
I am here, and you are there apart from me
A million miles away

I’ve been to many places before
Met different faces and more
But this time, I’ll admit and won’t regret
It is you that I really can’t forget

Because to me,
you are the most beautiful
Your heart and mind,
body that’s so graceful

The way you talk
I can’t explain how lovely
and when you walk,
seems like a dance to me

Your eyes,
your nose, your lips
A face,
that could launch a thousand ships

A woman dreams so high,
wants to travel across the sky
You’re the one that I admire
Beautiful for what you are

My dear, I want to be honest
and it’s like putting myself into a test
I feel jealous somehow
’cause somebody owns you now

But I am happy
because I knew you’re fine
I know god will guide you on your way
Fullfill all your dreams someday

When I was younger,
I used to be dreamin’
with my woman
in the rain we’ll be dancing

Kiss her on the forehead
and wait for that perfect moment
Tell her with all my heart
the feelings that I kept

In this world, some people was searching
for that something they called true love
But I believe, that only God
knows the one that’s meant for us

I just hope, that our roads will cross again someday
To me, you are like a princess on a fairy tale
I wouldn’t forget you Claire,
because you are my dream girl.

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