May 31 2011

Handsome Rogue

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Last night a rogue came to my window.
As handsome as can be.
He offered me his hand,
And told me he’d take me away from the world.

He held me close as we bounded across the rooftops.
Below us lay the sleeping world.
In his arms, for the first time in a long time,
I felt safe.

He took me to a hill above the clouds.
The moonlight casting a glow upon the realm.
Showing only the truth,
And revealing hidden secrets.

He saw the pain behind my eyes, and my shattered heart.
I saw only kindness and caring behind his.
He embraced me and told me he’d never hurt me.
I believe him.

He took me to secret places.
Lured out my hidden smile.
I never felt love like this before.
I wish the moment didn’t have to end.

But morning was coming,
And the rogue had to leave.
Vowing to come back for me when the moon rises.
For him, I wait.

A rogue came to my window last night.
And showed me the world.
But when he left he only stole one thing.
He now keeps my heart.

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  1. StarfireBluestoneon 17 Jul 2012 at 5:21 am

    beautiful poem that tells a sweet tale
    good job 🙂

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