Jul 22 2011

Heartbreak Horizon

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I can see the signs,
My heart hangs low.
How much longer,
Do I have to go?

Until you drop,
The break-up bomb?
When my tears will grow,
And my joy is gone.

What did I say?
Where did I misstep?
What did I do wrong
That I now regret.

Are you cheating on me?
I don’t think I want to know.
It’ll only make the pain worse,
It’ll only make the pain grow.

Just drop me now,
If you’re only faking.
Lessen the pain
Of my heart that’s breaking.

Are your words fake?
I’ll tell you something true.
You might not love me,
But I sure love you.

As the silence grows,
I want to cry.
My heart’s digging a grave,
It knows it’s gonna die.

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