May 30 2013

He’s still here

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He sits next to me
the some one from before
the one who, if he ever knew my feelings
I told him to ignore
He’s still here
My hearts beating fast
I find calmness in his arms
when I’m with him
it takes away my suspicion and alarm
He’s still here
he likes me
I like him
but I have built strong walls
and can’t forgive myself for my sin
He’s still here
he’s seen my bad sides
and accepts me for who I am
although I believed before he wouldn’t
but now I know he can
He’s still here
I’v never felt the same with anyone else
this pure adoring feeling
when he’s close to me I keep a straight face
when on the inside, my head is reeling
He’s still here
I’m violent and competitive
but he says I’m gentle and kind
he smiles at me in a way
to describe, the’re no words I can find
He’s still here
although I may abandon him
and he may do the same to me
I think this time I’ll take that chance
and find out what love can be
He’s still here
I sometimes think that he’s not real
that I’m imagining it all
but then he holds me in his arms
as if at any moment I could fall
“He’s still here”

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