Apr 27 2012

How I love you

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It started out simple
like somthing new
I knew from the beginning
there was just somthing about you.

I loved the way you smiled
and the way you laughed
We were on different roads
until the roads came to one path.

When you asked me out
the butterflies came
they came in my heart
and I was never the same.

We became one
at the same time we were best friends
You said “Forever and always”
and I hope it wont ever end.

It was like that from the beginning
and I lived for your kiss
you told me I was beautiful
and I felt such total bliss.

I love you so deeply
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice
and the way that we touch

I love your warm smile
and your kind, thoughtful way,
and the joy you bring to my life
each and every day

I love you today
as I have from the start,
and I’ll love you forever
with all of my heart.

You gave me your heart,
and taught me to trust,
for the first time ever,
it was more than just lust…

Your sweet loving words,
are not to be compared,
I am forever your partner,
my soul I have bared…

Every day I wake up,
with a smile a mile long,
I know that we are solid,
I know that we are strong…

So never put into question,
my feelings being true,
because I have found my one and only,
And I will always love you.

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  3. alondyon 22 Jul 2012 at 10:20 am

    simple but good. oh how I wish I collected all my poems when I was still in high school and college… I remembered those beautiful love poems and I let someone read it to me. anyway, it is good.

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