Feb 08 2011

I Dream of us together again

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In my dreams you are mine again
We talk to each other normally
U smile and talk to me
As if nothing was ever wrong
You even offer to help me
Sometimes we go out together
And you hold me too
Then I think I love you
And that you love me too

But then I open my eyes
And realise
That what i saw was an illusion
The perfect world shatters
And then I may cry

My dreams bring back old memories
of the short but happy time we spent
together, alone, or with others
The purity without the proximity
And the selfless indignation
The beauty of the small world we shared
That made life worth living

People smirked and made up rumours
But both of us stopped caring
All we were was friends
And we were more than happy
To let things be
The way they were, perfect

And the way we understood the unsaid
The problems we shared
And helped each other overcome
The secrets which just we both know
And will never tell anyone
Because of the trust that lingers
For the sake of our time together
Ill never break your confidence

I remember the times
When we went away
For many days
We would miss each other
And then come back
And make up for the lost time
I would want to share with you
Every little happiness
Every small wonder
Because I knew u would
derive some happiness from mine

I remember our conversations
And your manner
Just about everything
I ever knew about you
I remember and am in no hurry to forget

It was wonderful
I wish I could live in my dreams
And even though somehow
U never wanted to speak to me again
And i never knew what happened
I want you to know
That I still love you
The way I did
When we were together
And will love you the same way

For even though more than a year has passed
And I have registered the fact
That we may never speak again
Its still something I find
very difficult to accept
I still hope that I may wake up
To a reality
Where I dont need to dream of you
Where I dont need to miss you
Where I have you.

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One Response to “I Dream of us together again”

  1. nikkion 21 Feb 2011 at 3:53 am

    that so tells about how i feel about me and my now ex-boyfriend.. and its hard to forget but you got to move on in life, but ill always have him in my heart.

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