May 07 2011


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Love is fickle,
One moment everything is ok.
Then something comes,
And the moment is snatched away.

My burdened heart,
With the criss-crossed likes of heartbreak.
It can’t endure much more,
But yet I try.

Love, is a difficult quest.
Maybe, there is an end.
But with the obstacles in the way,
It is nearly unachieveable for me.

No one, none at all, seems to be right.
They are all nice, but never the one.
I barely see any, my heart gloomy.
Every attempt for love, a dead end.

I am trapped, in a maze.
Dead end attempts, but I keep trying.
Nothing will stop me from finding,
My other half.

I need to find the one,
I wish to know true love.
For if there is only one thing
that can conquere anything

That would be love

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