Aug 04 2011

New Lands

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All this time I threw into the chasm
Living in a blur,
All these years
Surrounded by the masks
So much hatred has made me blind
Or I might have purposely closed my eyes
But suddenly I see a bright levitating lantern
Approaching me very fast
In the shape of a drifting drop
Reflecting the very own sun
It has cut open my heart
So I can love again
It has boomed so heavily into my ears
So words, I can finnally hear
At last, everything is ah very loud and clear

It has dropped on me the sky
So I can feel the world one more time
And when I’m overwhelmed and need release
I can ultimately cry
To my soul’s undenying pleasure

That person brings happy moments into my life
That person is everything and more, of what I ever imagined
It’s so complex
Yet it flows without complain
It’s something for my soul
Something new
And although I don’t always show it
I’m so very in love with you

The nothingness has been lifted
The grounds have gradually shifted
And they speak of a new start
One outside of the dark
One living amongst the light
Side by side with the ghost and spirit
Never, ever to part
As brothers and sisters
Hand in hand
Foot by foot in this young, yet erratic land
A new beggining so gentle for us to understand.

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