Jul 15 2011


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It’s hard to sum him up
oh, gosh, he’s so conflicting
Because he loves me, but he doesn’t
And he thinks he’s human, but he wasn’t

He smiles, but he cries
He nods, but denies
He hurts, but he heals
He’s blank, but he feels

He’s tall, but he’s short
He really can’t be of a sort
He’s tough, but he’s fragile
He’s really quick and agile

His words are sometimes cruel
but, I promise, his heart is true
He seems to think I am a fool
but with that I always argue

He walks the walk
And he talks the talk
He thinks he’s super cool
I’ve seen him sleep and drool

He’s funny and compassionate
He’s never quick to aggravate
He puzzles me, infuriates me
I know how vexing he can be

But even though he confuses me,
I love his flirtatious grin
I love the way he makes me see
That we really are akin

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