Mar 13 2012

Scorpio lust

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I’ll hold you in my palm,
So weak,
So sweet.
Like a starving baby sparrow,
I’ll feed you the fuels,
To help you grow
Although it will never be quite like a mothers.
I’ll love you till your sick,
Sick to death of me,
When your body grows tired,
From satisfying my Scorpio lusts.
You’ll turn me out to the acid rain,
Where I rediscover my red wine love again.
But I will think of you in the bottle I drown.
Because you were my king.
You wore my crown.
I bore our invisible child,
And you wore your charming frown.
In this spiral I stumble,
Intoxicated from your glory,
Cast out by a shadow
No longer seen.
I’ll kiss the moonlight in hope it will reach you
By the morning light.

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